Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

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Worship Online Network, LLC

Worship Online Network, LLC (WON TV) is an exciting new TV Network and video production company. We are a team of multifaceted individuals working together for the Glory of God. We will produce and distribute quality programming on our own network as well as produce content that will be aired on other tv networks such as Impact and The Word.

We will distribute and disseminate our content to local television networks as well as through
IP based media systems such as Roku, Apple TV, Fire Tv, Chromecast, and many future IP platforms that are in development. Content we produce will also be available on Hulu & Netflix.

From a content producers stand point the greatest benefit of distributing content via IP technology is that we are now able to reach a global audience at a significant cost reduction. Additionally we are able to provide accurate and precise numbers to our advertisers. Most people don’t realize that regular networks are unable to provide precise statistics due to the inability of their technology to capture how many people have actually viewed programming.

Our content will be delivered to our viewers fast and efficiently. Our systems have been designed with bandwidth adjustment in mind. Regions all across the world will be able to watch content provided by WON TV because our Bandwidth Adjustment System (BAS) which will auto detect the available bandwidth on the user end and will automatically adjust the video stream to suit the available bandwidth to the viewer. This means no buffering on the user end.

Our income will be derived from our range of products and services, mainly Production Services, Subscriptions and Advertising. For advertising we will partner with add exchange agencies who will deliver commercials into our video platform automatically while we focus on what we most passionate about, producing good quality programming.

Our production facilities will allow for professional production of Commercials and Television Shows. Our goal is to employ some of the best creative minds the industry has to offer.
Unlike many of our competitors in the Christian Television industry our long term goal is is produce 90% of our own content including TV Shows, Movies and Mini Series. We are tired of only seeing preaching on Christian TV, it is time that we start producing and distributing content that is clean and wholesome.

Our team at WON TV has done extensive research to insure that we have the the people, technology and programs to make a success of the brand new network that will make a positive change in peoples lives all across the world. Our projected profit/loss statement clearly defines the predicted financial outcome of Worship Online Network, LLC within the first years of operation.