Worship Radio Detroit is directed and overseen by CEO, Prophet Blaine. The prophet is known by his prophetic voice that is often compared to the sound of Prophet Kim Clement. Prophet Blaine is originally from South Africa and immigrated to the United States at the tender age of 14.

By the age of 21 the prophet experienced a dry season in his life and it was at this time that God called him to a very new venture. In early 2014 Prophet Blaine responded to the call of God to begin broadcasting for his glory and co-established an online radio station with Dr. Rhoda Byrd. In 2016 after losing Dr. Rhoda Byrd to an untimely death, God spoke to the prophet again saying “Start again and trust me”


Haydee Irving, Vice President, is the wife of Prophet Blaine.
She is passionate about reaching out the community and sharing the love of God to everyone. She currently oversees all aspects of outreach as well as covering ministry to the hispanic community.







Worship Radio Detroit is in strict covenant with Apostle Nataki Tompkins and Church of The Living Waters-Detroit. Apostle Nataki is a dedicated support system and walks closely with Prophet Blaine and is the official covering for the network.