They Don’t Tell: Child Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective


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“Mom, if I had something to tell you. Would you be a mom or would you be a friend?” Those were the words that would be forever etched into Lisa’s mind the night her daughter finally disclosed what her stepfather had been doing to her since the third grade. They Don’t Tell is not about her daughter’s abuse. It is a Mother’s journey that puts a voice to the heartache, pain, anguish, shame, hurt, sheer rage, and utter disgust that a Mother suffers when discovering such horrifying news. She believes that the shame of sexual abuse has been misplaced onto the victim, a weight they should not bear. Her message to her daughter and every child who has ever been sexually abused and assaulted is this: “Hold your head up high. YOU have nothing to be ashamed of.” This book will walk you through the pain, shame, and guilt from the despair to restoration, with prayers and scriptures, there is hope and help for you, YOU are not alone and just like Lisa and her daughter Nikki…You Can Survive through this!

Lisa R. Gray is a Minister, Professional Counselor, Chaplain and Author. She is a M.A. graduate of Education and Counseling from Central Michigan University. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Minister, she travels to speak at Women’s Conferences, jails and Sexual Abuse Awareness Weeks to bring awareness to the complex and emotional topic of Sexual Abuse. Her current book is called: They Don’t TellChild Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective They Don’t Tell is a powerful book for mothers, just like Lisa, who have to deal with the pain, hurt, shame and guilt that comes with discovering that their child has been sexually abused.

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